Original Hebrew


                             The distilled, raincloud meanings

                                        of the letters of the

                                        Creator's language

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 The entire Tanach and 1st Century Writings is completed as they would have appeared in the ancient letter glyphs. You can download them as .pdf's in the links above.
Update 12/8/14

The first 49 chapters of Jeremiah are complete in preliminary form. More changes to the text based on updated understanding, including a large one with the word את, which I have translated by the action 'furrowed' (taken from the ox furrowing a line toward an end mark on a field).

The following books are completed in preliminary form:

These are converted to e-sword, which you can download here and place in your esword folder.
For those with Esword LT, click here to install a version for your iphone.

I may be contacted at: originalhebrew.gregory @ gmail.com, or you can reach me (Ronen) at this message board.