Original Hebrew


Here you will find a complete set of Scriptures as rendered in their original pictograph Hebrew writing.

In each section, the complete books are all posted for you to view. Just click on the book in the appropriate section to view the entire book as a whole. You must have a pdf viewer in order to read the pages. You can download a free version here.

The Law, Prophets, and Writings are taken from the Aleppo Codex, with the exception of the scribal changes being reverted back to their original forms. Also, I have restored every instance of the letters vav and yod, where they were replaced by nikkud.  The 1st Century Writings will be taken from the Eastern Peshitta, in the Aramaic sister language to Hebrew (still in progress).

I have included a reference chart. It can be found here. This chart describes each letter, showing its original form, what the symbol is a picture of, and then some of the more common (though not all) of the meanings of each.

For anyone wanting the font that I use for this script, you can get it here. Just download it and place it in your font folder.

You will need to enable your keyboard to type in Hebrew. Here is an easy video showing how to do this.

Then all you need to do is open your document, change the language bar from EN to HE, then choose the Ancient Hebrew font in your document, and type away. :)

Torah (Law)

Neviim (Prophets)

Kethuvim (Writings)

Histories (Gospels)

Epistles (General and Pauline)

Consummation (Revelation)